'More Than Daily' All Sports Picks Packages

'More Than Daily' All Sports Picks Packages

from 70.00

We have added 3 NEW packages to allow our clients to join us for more than just a daily sports card. You have the choice for 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year of picks with us!


Prices are negotiable, and you are not committed to a recurring subscription. These packages are one-time payments and you will receive ALL sports picks for the length of the package you choose!

Purchase of any package will allow you to be part of our growing business. We will be adding a members only forum for discussion, enhanced analytics and breakdowns of our picks with further detail and granularity, a ‘Recap’ section to read in your down time or during work :) , a YouTube channel, and more!!

Feel free to contact us prior to purchasing to clear up any questions you may have. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable and are more than happy to discuss anything with you all, as you are why we do what we do!! Remember, NO email spam, NO recurring subscriptions, NO commitments other than what you purchase, NO hidden fees, NO lying about picks, NO guarantees to win an absurd percentage of games, just full accountability and transparency.

If ANY purchase does not result in plus (+) units within the time frame you select, you will receive an additional (week, month, year) of the exact same package for FREE. All documented. It is within your responsibility to use the picks we provide within the exact units we provide. * For example, parlaying plays and losing DOES NOT count toward a free month since you are playing outside the scope of the unit system provided.

Give us a shot!! You lose, we lose!!!

'More Than Daily' All Sports Package Offers:
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