MLB Season Package 2019

MLB Season Package 2019

100.00 600.00

Clients purchasing this package will receive 3-5 MLB picks per day, including 4 futures picks for the AL Pennant, NL Pennant, and 2 World Series Winners. This package INCLUDES ALL PLAYOFF GAMES!


MLB 2019 Season-to-Date:

245-159-13 60.64% +235.90 units ($100 bettor = +$23,590)


Our MLB Daily Card consists of 3-5 plays in total, risking roughly 22 units to win 20 units each day!

We WILL NOT win every single day, so this package is for the committed, non-degenerate client who wants to build a relationship with us on a daily basis, ride through the ups-and-downs, and understand what it feels like to WIN long term, with full transparency.

We provide you picks, we provide you details of every single day, win-lose-or push, we track your units down to the decimal, and we update your individual spreadsheet based on the lines on the games you tell us you were able to get. This allows us to appropriately track your units and identify your true winning or losing in any given period of time.

Using this approach, we GUARANTEE one thing only, and it is that IF YOU ARE NOT POSITIVE (+) UNITS FROM THE TIME OF PURCHASE THROUGH THE END OF THE WORLD SERIES YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ENTIRE MLB SEASON FOR FREE NEXT SEASON AND EVERY SEASON BEYOND UNTIL YOU ARE POSITIVE (+) UNITS. We cannot guarantee wins, nobody can so don’t be fooled, however we will provide you long term success, and you will see short and mid term benefits as well.

DO NOT PURCHASE if you are a complete degenerate!! I repeat, if you are going to play outside of the scope of the units provided, DO NOT BUY. You do not need ours or any capping service if you are not disciplined and think you are going to win the lottery every day.

If you have any further questions or would like a trial, just reach out to us and we will help you in any way we can! Thanks for checking us out and we’d love to take you on as a client!!!

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