Weekend Picks Package (8/23/19 - 8/25/19)

Weekend Picks Package (8/23/19 - 8/25/19)

30.00 60.00

Package includes ALL SPORTS PICKS from Friday, August 23rd through Sunday August 25th!!

3 days of picks for $30! Our daily cards are always $20. Get hooked up with us for the weekend and see what we have to offer! You will receive 2-3 MLB picks per day, 2 NCAAF picks, 2-3 EPL picks, and 1-2 NFL picks, containing at least one 5 unit pick per day. This totals up to 15-20 picks total to win potentially 60-75 units!!

In addition, you will be provided a picks tracker, tracking each pick down the the unit, based on the line we provide, or the line you ended up taking. We will also provide an initial consultation to ensure you understand how to play within the units provided and how your bankroll impacts the dollar amount allocated per unit (if needed). We keep the communication open for YOU as this is for YOU!!

If you DO NOT net positive units by the end the last game on the card Sunday August 25th, you will receive the following week of ALL SPORTS PICKS FOR FREE!


If you are interested in every single pick, please email us and you will be sent every single pick for every single sport since we began! We are fully transparent and are working to design a solution that can be embedded into our site within a separate page, for a granular view to, not only our clients that we communicate with individually each day, but anybody who views our page.

Give us a shot, we won’t let you down!!

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